​This project was honoring Daniel Pearl, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal who was kidnapped and brutally beheaded in Pakistan in 2002. The newsletters were meant to withstand increased xenophobia against the West. ​

nonpartisan and an 
effort to share and 
publish the news of 
diversity, harmony 
and mutual 
understanding to 
bridge between 
nations and inform 
people directly about how humanitarian aid is positively changing lives in Pakistan.

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“Bridge-US is a great source and information about U.S. efforts to help people of Pakistan. This was needed to bring people together. It's also carrying tremendous information for the NGO's working in Pakistan and trying to reach donors.” 
        Jaffar Memon
is an undisputed advocate to promote interfaith dialogues and diversity in Sindh. He is the Ex-president of Hyderabad Press Club and Chairman of Wejournalists..

The Project ended in 2017 

Patrons of Pakistan

November 2017



“Bridge-US is really a need for people to know how USAID is working towards prosperity, literacy and media training in Pakistan. Bridge-US will definitely a bridge between people of the United States and Pakistan. Bridge -US would also help United States to reach directly to the heart of the people. Bridge-US is adding beauty to the US image all over the country and world as it's also available online too.”
Yawar Mehdipioneered the progress of Radio Pakistan. From Urdu commentary to programs like Bazm-e-Talba, Investment opportunities in Pakistan, How to export, Subha dum Darwaza-e-Khawar Khula and World Cricket quiz, he aware people through entertainment. Radio Pakistan owes him a lot. He has also been the General Secretary of Arts council of Pakistan and contributed tremendously through his innovative projects. His dignified efforts has endless list of contribution to promote culture, performing arts and Radio in Pakistan.

Bridge Communications and Research - BCR has done a remarkable job by publishing Bridge-US and simultaneously sharing the information on social media about the US funded projects in Pakistan. This is really working for both the people and Pakistan and the United States. People are filled with gratitude towards the United States and the US found a media to reach common public that was long awaited. We need more intensified cooperation from the US to meet Pakistan's energy needs. 
Muhammad Zubair Motiwala is one of the leading industrialists in Pakistan and has been actively involved in crafting Pakistan's trade policy. His contributions together with both federal and provincial levels including being Minister, Advisor and Special Assistant to the Chief Minster Sindh on Investment, President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Pak - Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Chairman All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association, Sindh Board of Investment, member of Prime Minister's Committee on Textile and Exports in 1996. Published in June 2013

It is heartening to know the efforts and help being extended from the U.S. to Pakistan. What concerns me is that we do not see any of these positive effects permeating down to the ordinary citizens. U.S. has to make the utilization of any fund, if given, to the utmost and root out corruption in the said field. They also need to reassure Pakistani public that U.S. is working towards a better Pakistan. They really need to do exactly what Bridge-US is doing now.
Mrs. Sobia Aman is the principal of Playway Grammar School, Clifton, Karachi, established since 1983. She has been doing her job devotedly as a principal for more than 25 years to promote a high quality education from Montessori level to Matriculation level. Published in June 2013.

Bridge-US has emerged as an important source of information about US efforts to make Pakistan a prosperous, better and safe society. To me news like "United States and Pakistan Announce Funds for Pakistan-U.S. Science and Technology Cooperation, U.S. Promotes Efficient Water Management in Pakistan, United States and Pakistan Help Pakistani Farmers Increase Profits through Better Water Management, U.S. Helps Islamabad Enjoy Better Water Supply, Higher Energy Efficiency and U.S. Provides Grants to Advocates of Water Rights" are really encouraging. This is a horrifying fact that acolossal 80% of all diseases in Pakistan are caused by contaminated water, which in turn causes 40% of deaths in the country, according to Jehangir Shah, a senior scientific officer at the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - PCSIR. Any effort to work towards better water quality, meant to save lives and disease free healthy society. I really appreciate U.S. efforts.

Dr. Tahir Rafique is a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. He is a Senior Scientific Officer at The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR). His published research included "Impact of Seawater on the Distribution of Fluoride and Other Ions in the Groundwater, Lithological influences on occurrence of high-fluoride groundwater, Geochemical factors controlling the occurrence of high fluoride groundwater, Fluoride ion contamination in the groundwater, Determination of Essential, Trace and Toxic Elements in Hair Samples of Night Blinded Patients Verses Normal Subjects" and more. Published in June 2013.

As an educationist and scientist, I am encouraged to know that the United States is doing all efforts to support education and scientific research in Pakistan. I learnt through Bridge-US about Jacobabad Institute of Medical Sciences and PakistanU.S. Science and Technology Cooperation. This is also the time for the United States to ensure that all the funding and resources are going to the deserving students/ individuals. I also want to say that Bridge-US is awakening for people and really promoting better understanding between two countries.
Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi
is a Meritorious Professor of Microbiology a n d Immunology (Grade-22) at University of
K a r a c h i ,c u r r e n t l y working as Chairperson – Department of Microbiology. She has just completed 2 years as
the First Female Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academics and International Linkages KU (Main Campus). Published in September 2013.