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Usage of Judiciary in Accessing Basic Human Needs and Rights

by Syed Naeem Uddin                 Published on October 3, 2011

Pakistan Awareness Initiatives - PAI        (Project ended in 2013)

An initiative has been undertaken by Bridge Communication and Research called Pakistan Awareness Initiatives-PAI to promote democracy, Freedom and defend Human Rights in Pakistan through awareness. The greatest challenges of extreme poverty and corruption may not be addressed unless people know their rights.

We are working on a plan to make it more accessible and productive. The challenge ahead is to reach rural and remote areas in Pakistan. 
BCR would also identify the areas where people of Pakistan really need assistance in order to get access to the basic or essential services using PAI and prepare/ coordinate NGOs/ Individuals/ Institutions and Departments in submission grant/ funding proposals. BCR would cooperate in such projects if our set criterion of public need, transparency and professionalism are met and there is a visible change or efforts in the last five years. BCR would monitor, evaluate and assess such projects for transparency, elimination of hidden costs and the access of public really in need.

Project ended in December 2013